Therapy Lab Announces Mental Health Partnership Pilot with Pilgrim School LA

Introducing Therapy Lab on Campus – helping students and staff learn essential mental health strategies, including emotion and stress management, self care, flexibility, and more.

Therapy Lab is proud to announce its partnership with Pilgrim School, a progressive private school located in Koreatown, Los Angeles.

Patricia Kong, Head of Pilgrim School, and Dr. Chandler Chang, CEO & Founder of Therapy Lab

To respond to the growing mental health crisis among teens and young adults, support educators, and address the provider shortage that has created so many waitlists for families, our team of expert clinicians has created Therapy Lab on Campus. Tailored for Pilgrim School, this program includes staff and student presentations, and on-campus coaching and wellness programming. Each quarter, we focus on a specific mental health skill explained in an approachable way. Presentations tackle topics for teens like “Science of Emotions,” “Keeping Your Battery Charged” and “Talking it Out.” Additional presentations highlight beneficial stress management strategies for staff, as well as the students they support. Therapy Lab is also hosting fun pop-ups with relaxation swag for high school students and staff to help destigmatize mental health services, and providing helpful self-guided modules that everyone can utilize to practice proven CBT techniques that create lifelong habits and enhance wellness.

Pilgrim School chose Therapy Lab for this partnership thanks to our modern, proactive approach to stress, coping and resilience.

“We’re so pleased to partner with Pilgrim School – there is such a tremendous need for evidence-based, compassion-forward mental healthcare for all ages,” our CEO and founder, Dr. Chandler Chang, shares. “Our pilot with Pilgrim will allow us to refine the program and offer it to more schools, with the ultimate goal of providing accessible, affordable mental healthcare to educational communities in a synergistic, destigmatized way.”

Dr. Chandler Chang, CEO and Founder of Therapy Lab, and Patricia Kong, Head of Pilgrim School

“We are excited to announce our partnership with Therapy Lab, which will benefit our students, faculty, and staff,” says Patricia Kong, Head of Pilgrim School. “With the increasing mental health crisis among teenagers, Therapy Lab’s proactive approach and support via campus visits have become increasingly vital in helping them and their teachers cope and thrive. The ultimate goal of our partnership is to help build a foundation of mental wellness that will positively shape our students' lives now and in the future.”

To learn more, visit our Therapy Lab on Campus Pilgrim School page.

Let's Work Together

Interested in custom programming to support mental wellbeing at your school or organization? We love providing mental health care support in a convenient, focused and affordable way. Let's chat! Please contact us at if you'd like to partner with Therapy Lab on solutions-focused CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) approaches for your teams.

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