Sleep Well: CBT-Insomnia

Sleep Well: CBT-Insomnia

8 Sessions

Do you have problems falling asleep - or staying asleep? You are not alone. Getting restful sleep is foundational to emotional well-being.

At Therapy Lab, we specialize in CBT for Insomnia, noted by the World Health Organization as the highest-priority treatment for insomnia. Despite its recognition as a first line of treatment, CBT-I can be hard to find—so we’re proud to offer such an important and beneficial service. 

The Sleep Well: CBT-Insomnia plan

In eight sessions, CBT-I reliably helps most people and without the side effects of sleep medicine. It is one of our most popular plans.

What is Insomnia?

A common sleep disorder, insomnia can involve problems falling asleep, staying asleep or getting high quality sleep. While many of us will occasionally feel sleepless, insomnia occurs frequently or even daily. Because consistent sleep deprivation affects daily functioning and performance—and sufficient rest is critical for wellbeing—it's important to treat insomnia in as timely and efficacious manner as possible.

Importantly, although sleep patterns sometimes change as we get older, insomnia is not normal at any age and should always be treated.

Why you might choose this plan
  • Difficulty falling asleep, sleeping through the night, or being able to awake feeling refreshed, despite having good "sleep hygiene" (a routine bedtime; a cool, dark, quiet place to sleep, etc.)
  • Intrusive thoughts that distract you from getting to sleep
  • Difficulty getting back to sleep if you wake up during the night
  • Waking up and not being able to return to sleeping
  • Sleeping an adequate number of hours but still feeling tired, fuzzy or irritable during the day
  • Ongoing expectations that you will not sleep well
What to expect

By learning new ways to think about sleep, as well as integrating new techniques and habits to help you sleep, you can exercise better control over your rest and feel more confident that restorative sleep is possible. And when you awaken, you'll have none of the grogginess or other side effects of prescription or non-prescription drugs.

In-person, telehealth or both

Your Therapy Lab therapist can deliver the Sleep Well: CBT for Insomnia plan through in-person visits, by telehealth or through a combination of the two.

How long does therapy take?

You will typically complete the 8-session plan over two months. Each session lasts 45 to 50 minutes.

About Therapy Lab therapists

Therapy Lab therapists are deeply trained in cognitive behavioral therapy and other evidence-based treatment modalities specific to helping you cope with insomnia and develop habits that support better sleep. Moreover, they are deeply committed to supporting your success.

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