Anxiety, Depression & Mood Plan

Anxiety, Depression & Mood Plan

16 Sessions

Stressed out? We can help you reset negative thoughts to manage your anxiety and regain control of your life. 

Therapy Lab's 16-session Anxiety, Depression and Mood plan module uses cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), mindfulness and exposure therapy to help change the way you think about stress and how you react to it in everyday life.

You are not alone. Anxiety, Depression, & Mood plan is Therapy Lab's most popular plan.
You are not alone. Anxiety, Depression, & Mood plan is Therapy Lab's most popular plan.
What are Anxiety, Depression, and Mood Disorders?

Anxiety and depressed mood often go together–it’s a brain thing–and they’re quite common concerns, so let’s dive in and see if this plan could work for you. Most people who could benefit from this plan will note symptoms of burnout, stress, and feeling overwhelmed (and we find that almost everyone can relate to that these days). Some might have an actual anxiety disorder (either general, social, or more specific like OCD, panic, or phobia) or a mood disorder like depression, which is quite common. 

All that said, an actual “disorder” is not necessary to gain extraordinary benefits from this plan.

This plan is an evidence-based “catch-all” that works for nearly everyone because the skills address the underlying emotion management system at the heart of the human experience–and the human struggle.  

While you may feel stuck or hopeless, our structured, science-based approach is meant to provide insight and hope from the start.

Why you might choose this plan
  • Persistent negative thoughts, worries or sense of dread that are unrelated to or out-of-proportion to an actual threat
  • Feeling tense and unable to relax; restlessness
  • Experiencing panic attacks (racing heart, sweating, trembling, inability to think clearly)
  • Losing interest or feelings of pleasure in hobbies and social activities you used to enjoy
  • Sleep difficulties such as early waking, difficulty falling asleep, or frequent tiredness
  • Feeling hopeless, guilty, or self-critical much of the time
  • Irritability with others or a new pattern of interpersonal challenges
  • Mood swings that feel out of control
What to expect

TL’s Anxiety, Depression and Mood plan offers you a journey through the classic interventions of CBT, like mindfulness, cognitive flexibility, and exposure therapy.  The interventions are sequenced and build upon each other in a way that provides you with greater self-awareness of your emotional ups and downs. With this information, you will then learn concrete skills to cultivate healthy emotion regulation, adaptive daily habits, and the courage to live life differently and to feel different, as a result.  

If needed, TL providers can work alongside your medical doctor to coordinate your care.  While not always necessary, some clients may benefit from recommendations of other resources, such as psychotropic medication management. TL therapists are highly skilled at making such recommendations and working collaboratively on your behalf.

In-person, telehealth or both

Your Therapy Lab therapist can deliver the Anxiety, Depression and Mood Disorders plan through in-person visits, by telehealth or through a combination of the two. 

How long does therapy take?

You will typically complete the 16-session plan over four months. Each session lasts 45 to 50 minutes.

About Therapy Lab therapists

Therapy Lab therapists are extensively trained in CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) and other evidence-based treatments to support healthy coping with anxiety, depression and mood disorders. TL providers are deeply committed to each client’s well-being and treatment success. 

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