Family Fun & Resources in Boston, MA

Summer is upon us and with that – family vacations! Finding a balance between things that interest both the kids and the parents can be tricky, but we have compiled a sight-seeing, adventure-seeking activity list that is sure to engage every member of the family.

Relive the history of the nascent United States

Boston is synonymous with United States history. The founding fathers (and mothers!) crafted the revolution in and around the Boston area and there is no shortage of opportunities to learn about and re-live the city that gave rise to America.

Freedom Trail Walking Tour: Tour a densely packed area of the freedom trail accompanied by a guide dressed in authentic period garb. Explore the site of the Boston massacre, see Old State House, the Old North Church, and Paul Revere’s House. Your guide will answer any questions the kids have. Who says summer can’t be for learning, too?

Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum: Re-live the actual event! From the meeting house, where you will be edified by Samuel Adams, to storming the replica boat – be a part of history as it happened. Later, learn about the ramifications of the Tea Party and view an actual tea chest that survived.

Boston Tour by water: The Boston Duck Tours provide guided tours on amphibious vehicles (be on both land and water!) with engaging tour guides. See Boston Common, Cambridge, and Downtown while enjoying the history and commentary of your CondDUCKtor.

And for the non-history seeking…

Got your fill of United States history? Boston offers many other options for family fun.

New England Aquarium: Featuring a 200,000 gallons cylindrical tank, kids can see sea turtles, Atlantic Rays, and sharks, as well as eels, cownose rays, and varieties of tropical fish. Enjoy the resident harbor seals. Use the touch tank to get a feel for different ocean creatures!

Whale Watching:  Sail out to Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary on a high-speed catamaran, accompanied by a naturalist guide. Humpback, finbacks, and right whales are plentiful in this area. Whale siting is guaranteed, or you receive a voucher for another tour!

Fenway Park: Fenway offers a variety of tours from the “Fenway Fifteen” – a fifteen-minute mini-tour to the in-depth Day Game Premium Tour. The Fenway Park Museum features 170,000 team artifacts and memorabilia and 150,000 photos of the team. Re-live World Series memories and learn about the history of ball.

No shortage of things to do

There is no shortage of family-friendly activities in Boston, whether on land or sea. Its history, proximity to the ocean, and walkability make it an ideal location for family summer fun.

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