Why Online Therapy?

Are you considering online therapy? Are you wondering if online therapy will be as effective as in-person therapy? It is reasonable to be thinking this way, especially if you have never tried it.

If you are looking for a quick answer, the answer is “yes.” Online therapy has proven to be very effective and in fact, there are many benefits over in-person therapy. Read below for more detailed thoughts on the benefits of online therapy.

COVID accelerated the demand for online therapy

Over the last several years, therapy has been destigmatized as society has become more open-minded about the need to protect one’s mental health. However, during the pandemic, the demand for therapy exploded as stress and anxiety reached peak levels for many.

Online therapy via video chat became a necessity as fears of COVID spreading limited in-person interaction. What had once been considered a stop-gap measure (in case of travel or a last-minute schedule change) has now become a regular option for delivering therapy.

Online therapy is effective

Online therapy has been shown to be as effective and in some cases more effective than in-person therapy.

Online therapy solves many problems that people have with traditional therapy

While attitudes toward therapy have changed, there are still some lingering hurdles that make choosing therapy difficult for some. Online therapy eliminates many of those drawbacks.

·       More Privacy: Some people have avoided therapy simply because they feel uncomfortable going to a therapist’s office – despite all the progress we have made as a society, some individuals still feel a stigma around therapy. Doing therapy online means complete, and total, privacy for your sessions.

·       More convenience: Going to in-office therapy requires a commute – there and back. That means an hour for the session and upwards of an hour in traffic. Figuring that into your schedule, with all your other commitments, can feel daunting – and add stress that is counterproductive to the therapeutic process. Online therapy eliminates that.

·       More accessible: Smart phones and computers mean that therapy can take place in your car, while traveling, in your backyard, or at the park! Bad weather doesn’t mean a canceled appointment. Holiday travel or vacation doesn’t mean a week or two without a session. Therapy is now as mobile and flexible as you are – something that two years ago was almost unheard of.

·       Kid-friendly: Kids need counseling just as much as adults, but again, may not feel comfortable going to an unfamiliar environment. Online therapy allows a child to participate from their bedroom – a familiar and safe place. Feeling comfortable in therapy is key to making progress. For the introverted or reticent child or teen, a familiar environment can make a significant difference.

Here’s to your health

Gone are the roadblocks to a healthy, happier life. With a therapist just a phone call away, you can have the support and guidance you want to navigate the trajectory of your life -- consistently,  confidentially, and conveniently.

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