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cognitive behavioral therapy CBT for kids teens families in Massachusetts cognitive behavioral therapy CBT DBT for kids teens families
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We are experts at child/teen CBT and other science-based techniques for managing anxiety, family conflict, insomnia, ADHD and more. Designed by Dr. Chandler Chang and Dr. Hilary Adams, two expert child psychologists in Los Angeles, Therapy Lab Kids offers therapy plans delivered by a collaborative team of therapists.

We’re on a mission to share good therapy with more people.

Our Approach to Therapy

Intro Session

First, we start with an INTRO session. This could be your dream opportunity as a busy, curious parent—ask us anything, tell us anything—or you may be a bit nervous.

With kindness and expertise, we’ll provide you with some answers (or suggestions for next questions), specific recommendations and resources to try next, and possible ideas you hadn’t considered. For example, you may be telling us about a sleep problem, and you didn’t notice that your child is eating a bar of chocolate after school every day. We’ll point that out!

We Guide You to Your Next Steps

Second, we may refer you to a TL Kids plan or we’ll identify resources that better fit your needs. We may also send you on your way with some DIY suggestions and mental health tips to try. You can always return for a follow-up session to check in!

Book a Plan

If we’ve recommended a TL Kids plan for you or your child or teen, you may opt into single sessions or purchase a full plan. To plan ahead, we suggest you pick the same day and time each week and reserve your spot. It just feels great to commit!

Our plan building blocks include CBT (cognitive-behavioral therapy), DBT (dialectical behavioral therapy), CBT-Insomnia, parent coaching, the Unified Protocol, and applied behavior analysis.

Therapy Plan Benefits


The plans are brief and efficient. We measure progress as we go to make sure they work for you.


Plans are based on evidence-based protocols—therapy approaches supported by rigorous review.


These plans not only treat a specific concern (like child anxiety) but can also prevent future concerns.


Our plans are meant to be timely and affordable. We offer immediate availability via remote therapy in 8 states.


If you’re waiting on a traditional therapy waitlist, plans offer a useful way to learn skills while you wait.


We offer general support as well as brief plans. But if your budget and time call for a brief plan, we got you!

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What Our Clients Are Saying

"Figuring out our child’s triggers and guidance on how to avoid or react to them. Also, positive reinforcement has been huge for us too."

-TLK Client

"Having a structured framework within which to discuss challenges, but at the same time also having the freedom to bring current challenges to the table and troubleshoot in real time. This combination made me feel like I had an additional, expert caregiver with me each step of the way. Cannot say how grateful I am for the peace it has brought me as a parent."

-TLK Client

"Thank you, TLK was a great experience for our family. Doing it remotely made it convenient for our whole family to participate as well as made it a very comfortable environment for our daughter who was attending therapy for the first time. Although TLK provides a set model, I appreciated Rachael's approach to customize it appropriately for our needs."

-TLK Client

"TLK was so flexible and accommodating in addressing my and my daughter's needs. The ease of scheduling, quick appointments, was just what we needed now."

-TLK Client

An Ounce of Prevention Is Worth a Pound of Cure

Try brief, targeted therapy or general support early on and reduce the need for lengthy, costly treatment should problems escalate.

cognitive behavioral therapy CBT for kids teens families in Massachusetts cognitive behavioral therapy CBT DBT for kids teens families
teletherapy for children kids teens families CBT DBT
We believe in Teletherapy

While teletherapy is a new concept, families appreciate the convenience and effectiveness. For some needs, like parent coaching and exposure therapy for anxiety, in-home virtual services may work even better than in-office services.

Demand for child therapists is at an all-time high and there is a shortage of clinicians available to meet this rising demand. By using this model, you are contributing to a solution to the pediatric mental healthcare crisis. The teletherapy model allows providers to deliver high-quality care equitably to areas of the country with fewer to no providers.

cognitive behavioral therapy CBT for kids teens families in Massachusetts cognitive behavioral therapy CBT DBT for kids teens families
How We Can Help You

We’re obsessed with working with and supporting parents at TL Kids. Often, parents who are “coached” by us can dramatically amplify the effects of an individual therapy session with a child. We’ll let you know which format, whether that’s individual with child or caregiver coaching, will get you to your goal most effectively when we provide you with recommendations.

Of course, we love to work individually with children when that’s best.  We teach them lifelong skills related to emotion awareness, self-regulation, assertiveness, and self-care.

When It Comes To Teens

We love working with adolescents sliding into young adulthood. Our Teen Unified Protocol is a plan designed for teens who want to get a better hold on their emotions—stress, anxiety, depression, anger.

This plan parallels our Anxiety and Mood plan offered for adults at Therapy Lab and both are chock-full of psychologists’ favorite therapy techniques, mostly Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) with some mindfulness, exposures, and life skills training mixed in.

cognitive behavioral therapy CBT for kids teens families in Massachusetts cognitive behavioral therapy CBT DBT for teens
cognitive behavioral therapy CBT for kids teens families in Massachusetts cognitive behavioral therapy CBT DBT for teens
We’re Here If You Need
Extra Support

We are shockingly good at supporting young “naughty” children. In fact, we (not-so) secretly love them because these kids often grow up to live boldly and bravely, making waves in the world. But parents of these feisty children may need extra support during the early years, and we can help. We typically recommend Parent Coaching for behavioral issues, and our reviews reveal that parents LOVE this approach.

Chandler Chang PhD child psychologist founder owner TL Kids
A Note From Our Founder

It’s not easy to be a parent these days. You probably know that youth in America are struggling with anxiety, depression, and hopelessness.  Parents can feel overwhelmed with the options for mental health care or lack of access to decent care. As a child psychologist and mother of two boys (8 and 13), I know how unsettling this can feel. I created Therapy Lab and TL Kids to provide a new model for mental healthcare. I believe in our mission, and our team brings this mission to life every day. We support you. We support humankind. <3

- Dr. Chandler Chang


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