Spaces, Places, and Mental Health

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How does design affect your emotions?

October was all about ambiance and design - how our spaces affect our mental and emotional well-being. We discussed textures, fabrics, light, and hygge.  Some of the questions we asked…

  • How do certain textures make us feel?
  • What spaces remind us of special memories and special people?
  • How is emotion used in design?
  • What design elements trigger happiness?

Through our exploration, we learned that design choices encourage us to embrace the present and be mindful of our surroundings. These techniques are emotion regulation skills that we love to teach at Therapy Lab.

Check out the amazing design resources and tips below collected by our team this month.

Tips & Tricks:

Feel happy in your home with the following design tricks – ok, maybe not evidence-based but definitely fun!

8 Ways to Design a Happier Home

  1. Add a Pop of Color
  2. Make Your Bed
  3. Embrace Natural Light
  4. Add Plenty of Plants
  5. Choose Comfortable Pieces
  6. Create a Self-Care Bathroom
  7. Select Calming Scents
  8. Get Rid of Clutter

5 Ways to Incorporate Hygge Decor Into Your Home by Masterclass (Hygge Decor Guide)

  1. Soft Textiles
  2. Neutral Color Schemes
  3. Mood Lighting
  4. Comforting Scents
  5. Reading Nook


  1. You Are Not Alone - The NAMI Guide to Navigating Mental Health by Ken Duckworth, MD
  2. 8 Essential Design Books Every Interiors Lover Should Read by Architectural Digest
  3. The Best Books of 2022 (So Far) by Vulture New York Magazine

Blogs & Additional Resources:

  1. Designing for Mental Health: Six Strategies to Consider in Workplace Design
  2. The Year of Hygge, The Danish Obsession With Getting Cozy by The New Yorker
  3. Nurseries, Botanical Gardens, and more in Los Angeles
  4. Where to Buy Plants Online by Architectural Digest

A Designer’s Point of View

“I feel excited by the idea that you’re constantly falling in love with your home.”
— Jamie Haller, Designer

Therapy Lab founder, Dr. Chandler Chang, recently chatted with friend and designer Jamie Haller about emotion in design. Check out Jamie’s thoughts on emotion and design in the video below.

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