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Therapy Lab offers innovative mental health services to support your employees, students, and members.
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Therapy Lab is made for partnering.
We simplify therapy by offering tailored plans targeting specific goals. We focus on what your team needs when they need it.

I want to thank you very much for your help and support in helping me begin my journey of healing and becoming a stronger and more confident person.

-TL Client

we want to be your mental health partner

We support workplace mental health by partnering with employers.
We welcome partnerships with schools, social clubs, wellness services, non-profits, concierge medicine, specialists, and more. Let’s reimagine how mental health care is delivered.

We offer in-person services and teletherapy in nine states.

Arizona, California, Washington


Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, Rhode Island


Our Team

We are a close community of therapists committed to the TL approach: evidence-based plans served with purpose.

• 17 therapists residing in California, Washington, Michigan, Massachusetts

• 12 PhD / PsyD psychologists, 4 masters-level therapists

• 7 UCLA / Resnick Neuropsychiatric Hospital past trainees

• Alma maters: Princeton, Dartmouth, Emory, Duke, Notre Dame, Wellesley College, Tulane, University of Southern California, UCSD

Our Rates

Our rates are transparent and fair. Let’s work together to find the right approach for your organization.

Results Matter

We use regular data collection to measure clients’ treatment outcomes. And we consistently use that data to improve our treatments and services. This is the heart of evidence-based care.

Not only do we love this approach, clients and employers do, too.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

"I decided to give Therapy Lab a shot after I learned about their unique approach to mental health. I love that Therapy Lab isn’t like conventional therapy that makes you feel like you’re talking to a therapist FOREVER. Therapy Lab gives you a recommended upfront timeframe, depending on what your goals are. A truly special experience!"

–TL Client

"Therapy Lab Kids was a great experience for us as a family. We saw immediate changes in both our parenting behavior and our child's behavior. Our therapist was thoughtful, understanding and worked with us on all our specific needs."

–TLK Client

"I have gone to many different types of therapists to continue self growth. I have never gone to one place that had offered me so much. The therapists ensure your treatment is tailored to your needs. Your appointment durations, frequencies and type of therapy are all tailored to your needs. I have never found a “one stop shop” for therapy but Therapy Lab might be it!"

–TL Client

“Things are much improved since engaging with TLK. TL Kids was essential in giving our family a common language and tools to deal with big feelings. The step-by-step process with defined goals was helpful for us to know where we were going and walk that path together as a family.”

–TLK Client

Let's work together.